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Of all new HIV infections each year, over 30% of these are adolescents. Even though AIDS-related mortality has decreased in recent years, AIDS-related deaths among adolescents has increased by 50%. Every effort must be made to engage and retain adolescents in care so they can improve and maintain their health.
The International Workshop on HIV & Adolescence is a space for international interchange between multidisciplinary experts such as healthcare providers, policy makers, implementers, the research community, and the youth themselves with the aim to address challenges with innovative solutions to this rampant crisis. The workshop is an opportunity for adolescent involvement at all levels of research, trail design, implementation, advocacy and policy. Get involved and join the movement by attending the 4th edition of the International Workshop on HIV & Adolescence which will take place as a series of 10 virtual sessions in the month of November. The workshop is a fantastic opportunity for all who work for and with young people.
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