HIVSA, a non-profit company with HWSETA accreditation, was established in 2002. The core objective of HIVSA, is to provide development solutions to effectively tackle HIV/AIDS in the workplace and society alike. The two focus areas are Skills Development and Socio-Economic Development.

Skills Development

Staff - HIVSA solutions are workshop driven, with aligned unit standard content. The tailor made solutions are designed to address the HIV/AIDS information shortfall being experienced by corporate South Africa.

Community – HIVSA offers corporate funded and SETA aligned Learnerships for Skills Development within communities.

Socio-Economic Development
Driven through corporate sponsorship, HIVSA trains those working within the social and healthcare sector, from community health workers to counselors,peer educators and wellness practitioners. This collaboration supports effective HIV prevention and links people to available HIV treatment services within the public sector.


Health & Wellness Counseling Peer Education Facilitation Skills

Mentorship HIV Testing and Support Managing Community Programmes Workplace Policy

In line with B-BBEE requirements, our solutions, upon meeting specific criterion, may be deemed a credible B-BBEE contribution. All profits generated are reinvested into training and development programmes, making HIVSA a sustainable investment.

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