Integrated Access to Care and Treatment ( I ACT)

Finding out you or a loved one is living with HIV can be dif ficult, but there is help and support available that can make this easier Integrated
Access to Care and Treatment (I ACT) is a programme designed to support, inform and empower South African's that are living with HIV or affected by HIV and AIDS.

The ultimate goal of I ACT is to empower people living with HIV to be able to access the care they need, when they need it, without fear of discrimination.

I ACT is for everybody and has been designed to support children, teens and adults, and allows for the different needs at the different stages of life.

Although I ACT primarily focuses on people whom are newly diagnosed HIV-positive, the programme is also designed to include people living with HIV in general and others who are affected by HIV and can benefit from guidance and support.

I ACT offers 6 group sessions on the following

  • Learning About HIV
  • Treatment
  •  Acceptance of Status
  • Confidence for disclosure
  •  Health Living
  • Prevention Strategies

Benefits of I ACT

  • Empowers HIV infected people to advocate for and manage their health
  • Strengthens the active engagement of people infected and affected by HIV with others increasing dialogue and improving support
  • Challenges and reduces stigma
  • Prolongs the length of healthy living and delays the start of treatment
  • Reduces the spread of HIV

This initiative was developed by SA Partners and HIVSA to provide training and mentoring for support group facilitators and supports implementation at certain health care facilities and community organisations in the Johannesburg district. Please contact HIVSA for further details in need.