Medical Male Circumcision

1. Overview of the National MMC Programme

  • The National Medical Male Circumcision Strategy
  • Behavioural Interventions
  • Clinical Services
  • Health System Integration

2. Acceptability of circumcision among African men Integration of Traditional Circumcision Events with MMC

3. Medical Male Circumcision

  • Male Genitals
  • Figure 1: Anatomy of the Penis
  •  Anatomy of the Penis and Foreskin
  • Benefits and Risks
  • Procedure for Adult Medical Male Circumcision
  • Figure 3: Preparation for surgery
  • Administration of the anaesthetic
  • Line of circumcision
  • Cutting of foreskin
  • Suturing of penis
  • Infant circumcision
  • Procedure for Infant Medical Male Circumcision
  • Post-operative instructions for men who have been circumcised
  • Post op care match- up

4. Client Consent and Confidentiality

  • Informed consent for surgery
  • Adolescent boys: Consent and confidentiality
  • Documenting informed consent for surgery

5. Key skills of Client- Centred Counselling

  • Counselling Protocol
  • Role Play1: MC Challenges
  • Exercise 2: Using simple language
  • Counselling Special Populations: Women and Parents

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