• HIVSA values and respects all individuals, including staff, donors, participants and partners. HIVSA strives to foster a zero-tolerance environment when it comes to prejudice and discrimination.

  • HIVSA is committed to the highest level of integrity.

  • HIVSA dedicates itself to excellence in order to create concrete change.

  • HIVSA and its staff commit to a shared vision and responsibility for the teamwork that is required to achieve the organisation's goals.

  • HIVSA and its staff are accountable for their actions and areas of responsibility in relation to donors, participants and partners.

  • HIVSA is dedicated to maintaining a culture of communication and transparency, and sharing and learning.

  • HIVSA and its staff work to inspire each other, as well as donors, participants and partners in order to achieve a common vision.

  • HIVSA works in collaborates with various stakeholders including communities, Government and donors to provide a strong support network.

HIVSA is a strategic partner of the Gauteng provincial Departments of Health and Social Development as well an accredited training service provider with the Health and Welfare Sector Education and Training Authority (HWSETA).