Success Stories

Etelang Pele (Sotho name meaning “leading the way”) is a non-governmental organisation (NGO) that operates in Sebokeng and its surrounds. Established in 2008, the organisation provides services to Orphans, Vulnerable Children and Youth (OVCY), such as nutritional and psychosocial support.

HIVSA’s Gogo/Mkhulu Champions Project is based on the premise that senior citizens are the custodians of wisdom and culture in the community, and are often sought out to provide guidance and advice by community members.

HIVSA operates a training centre, which is registered with the HWSETA to provide accredited and non-accredited training courses and programmes to support lay counsellors. The programme is supported by USAID through a PEPFAR grant to the Anova Health Institute, of which HIVSA is a sub-grantee. HIVSA supports the Department of Health’s Regional Training Centre in the Gauteng Province, speci fically in the Johannesburg regions of C, D, E and G.

Gogo Rosina Nkomo (56) is an unemployed HIV positive woman living in Lehae – an impoverished township in the Soweto region.

As a member of the Gogos Club held at the local community recreation centre, she has attended HIVSA’s workshops which focus on the prevention of HIV from mother to child; and the nutritional and nutritional benefits of exclusive breasfeeding, irrespective of the mother’s HIV status.

Christa S is 24-year-old women living in Braam fisher, Orange Farm, a settlement outside Johannesburg. She is a mother of one who found out she was HIV-positive during her pregnancy in 2010. She visited the Itireleng clinic in March 2013 when she was 24 weeks pregnant to make sure that she accessed treatment early to protect her baby. She has not told her partner or her family of her status.