Terms of reference for the contracting of a service provider to design and successfully implement the commercialisation of HIVSA’s digital Choma Magazine

Terms of reference for the contracting of a service provider to design and successfully implement the commercialisation of HIVSA’s digital Choma Magazine



HIVSA launched Choma magazine (www.choma.co.za) in 2013 in response to an identified need and urgency around reducing HIV prevalence amongst Adolescent Girls and Young Women (AGYW). The magazine, which posts content around five content pillars namely, Love and Relationships, Sex and Pregnancy, Health, Fashion and Beauty and Inspiration has been hugely successful with a solid base of returning and new users. The magazine has always been operational through donor funding. HIVSA has a vision to grow the magazine both in terms of its content, relevance and geographical coverage.

Given the current and potential access the magazine has to female users, a strategy for the commercialisation of Choma that aims to access corporate sponsorships to generate revenue for Choma has been developed. This for- profit strategy will be housed under Community Development Solutions SA (CDSSA), HIVSA’s for-profit entity.

Scope of work

CDSSA seeks to contract the services of a service provider for the following outputs:

1. Devise an implementation strategy to activate CDSSA through the operationalisation of the Choma magazine. This is a two- year scope of work that will be reviewed annually.
2. Support the development, marketing and analysis of a nationwide survey for girls and women.
3. Utilise the data from the survey to create a value proposition for corporate sponsorships.
4. Design a three-year cost, profit model, growth strategy and revenue generation activities.
5. Mapping of potential corporate sponsors, securing sponsorship deals and supporting the development of sponsorship contracts.
6. Support the in- house transition of the scope of work after a two- year period.

Proposal requirements for Pre- Qualification round

Proposals submitted should include the following:

1. A portfolio of evidence demonstrating a track record of activating start up entities and supporting their growth to a point of profit making.
2. A preliminary description of the proposed activities to be undertaken under each of the outputs listed above. Should the consultant be short listed at the pre-qualification round, further information and detail will be provided by HIVSA to facilitate the submission of a final proposal
3. An estimation of the costs per output.
4. An estimation of the duration/ timeframes of the activities supporting each output.

Timeline for the submission of proposals

Proposals for the scope of work outline above should be submitted to HIVSA’s procurement department by the 11th July 2022 using the following details:
Attention: Fortune Phiri
E-mail: phirif@hivsa.com


Questions relevant to this TOR should be submitted to Ms Yashmita Naidoo (naidooy@hivsa.com) by 7th July 2022

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